Allergies and Unhealthy Air

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Oct 3rd, 2013

news8Jocelyn Maminta has recently reported about the effect of unhealthy air quality to people who suffer from seasonal allergies. In her article, she explained how the thick heavy air has a way of magnifying fall allergens. She also explained how this is affecting furry friends. She adds that relief from pesky ragweed and mold may only come after the first frost of the season.

This article was posted on WTNH News 8:

(WTNH) — Unhealthy air quality hugged most of Connecticut Wednesday. The hot, humid weather is intensifying pollutants, including the pollen count.

“I’ve been a little sluggish lately,” said Mike Tatangelo.

The thick heavy air adds to the misery allergy sufferers are already feeling.      

“I don’t know what’s going on with the grasses, but I’m allergic to mix grasses and lately when they’re cutting and everything, it’s been making my eyes water,” Tatangelo said.

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