Allergies in Southern Nevada

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Apr 8th, 2016

UNLVThe University of Nevada, Las Vegas has recently published an article regarding how to survive allergies in Southern Nevada. Others may deem allergies as non-threatening especially if it is not a catalyst for an anaphylactic shock. However, individuals still have to take of themselves during this allergy season.

This article was published on their website:

Some say ignorance is bliss. But in the case of allergies, at least one UNLV expert says it’s much better to know exactly what’s causing your watery eyes.

Tanvi Patel, director of UNLV’s Pollen Monitoring Program, is on the job seven days a week collecting, hand counting and studying allergens floating in the air around Las Vegas, which she calls “by far, one of the top allergic cities” in the nation.

Under the partnership with the Clark County School District, members of Patel’s team fan out across the city each morning, climbing onto roofs of White Hall (UNLV’s Life Sciences building) and four local elementary, middle and high schools to analyze pollen-covered slides from air sampler machines perched there.

Pollen and mold data from the machines, which mimic the normal breathing of a human being, is then posted to the National Allergy Bureau and CCSD websites so community members and tourists can pinpoint which allergens are behind those sniffles and which parts of town to avoid.

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