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Feb 13th, 2015

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No one wants to deal with allergies because it becomes too much of a hassle and there is so much effort to control the allergies. However, people suffering from allergies would always have to do something for them to carry on with their daily activities. It is suggested that individuals do some research to understand allergies even more and why are the allergies increasing.

Through the years, more and more individuals suffer from all kinds of allergies. There is the hygiene hypothesis wherein excessive cleanliness may interrupt the normal development of the immune system thus leading to allergy increase. People having “developed” lifestyles have eliminated the natural variation in the types as well as quantity of germs which a person’s immune system needs in order to develop into a less allergic, better regulated state of being.

Among the allergies that have been increasing is the food allergy which is also connected to the hygiene hypothesis. Nevertheless, there are some specific reasons as to why there is a steady increase in food allergies.

One of which is said to be the delayed introduction to foods such peanut which has a high potential for allergy that may be associated with higher rates of food allergy. It was found that cultures that introduced peanuts earlier in life tend to have less food allergy when compared to those who have eaten peanuts later.

Another reason is the form of food eaten by individuals. Based on research, varied forms of the same food appear to more likely to have provoked an allergic response particularly roasting peanuts instead of boiling them makes them more likely to start the allergic reaction.

Having increased awareness and reporting is yet another reason why there is an increase in allergies. Doctors, teachers, parents, and the general public has to have heightened awareness regarding the symptoms as well as possible consequences of food allergies that may contribute to the reason why more individuals are suffering from food allergies.

These are only a few of the many reasons why allergy counts continue to rise. People would just have to strive harder in combatting such because it would make their lives much more worthwhile. Constant visitation to a medical practitioner is highly recommended so that the person would know whether there are new developments regarding the allergy that they have. Only the future will tell whether these allergies would lessen and eventually become a distant memory.

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