Allergy Sufferers Prepare for Spring Pollen

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Mar 18th, 2015

10tvEric Elwell has recently reported that citizens of Colombus are already bracing themselves for the coming spring pollen season. The author also cited ways to keep symptoms at bay.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Sunny skies are certainly something many have been looking forward to for a long time. The snow is melting away, sunshine and warmer temperatures so that we can get back outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

But not everyone is looking forward to the warmer weather

Leontien Kennedy is dreading the coming weeks as she suffers from severe allergies.   “It usually starts at about the end of March, beginning of April, when we just really cannot go outside,” she explains.  “It doesn’t matter if we have a very soft winter or a very hard winter, it’s coming back.”

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