Avoiding Allergies in Gardens

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Oct 2nd, 2013

The Wall Street JournalReporter Anne Marie Chaker has recently shared some valuable information on how to survive gardening this autumn for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. In her article, she listed some of the most common allergens that lurk throughout the season. In addition, she cited simple ways that can help people in managing the discomfort brought about by pollen and spores.

This article was posted on The Wall Street Journal:

People hoping that the approach of autumn will mean fewer allergy symptoms, may want to prepare for some sneezing with their leaf-raking.

For many people, allergic reactions go into overdrive late summer and into fall because pollen counts soar. Mold counts rise, too, thanks largely to wet leaves sitting on the ground, a terrific breeding situation for mold spores.

While many popular garden plants are insect-pollinated—often with showy flowers that attract pollinators, and bearing heavier, stickier pollen grains—it is the wind-pollinated plants that cause the most problems for allergy sufferers, says Susan Littlefield, horticulturist for the National Gardening Association.

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