Carbon Emissions may be a Bane to Allergy Sufferers

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Feb 11th, 2015
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mpr newsElizabeth Dunbar has recently reported that allergy sufferers may be getting worse symptoms due to carbon emissions. She explained that these emissions are allowing allergenic plants to grow even more pollen than usual.

This article was published on MPR News:

Just being outside at certain times of the year can make allergy sufferers miserable. Every year, allergies to tree, grass or weed pollen account for millions of hours of missed work and school.

It’s getting worse, and it’s not just itchy eyes and running noses, say the patients of Dr. Niladri Aichbhaumik, an allergist and allergy sufferer at the St. Paul Allergy and Asthma Clinic.

“People feel sick, and they just don’t feel like they have as much energy as they would normally,” Aichbhaumik said.

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