Due to an Allergy Risk, H-E-B Recalls Soups

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Mar 20th, 2015

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Everyone is entitled to live their lives to the fullest. Enjoying every single moment of every day is something to be thankful for. Another thing to be grateful for is being able to live a healthy life. Not all is given the chance to have such. People can only hope and pray that they do not suffer any grave illness or disease in the future.

However, there are persons who have been suffering from allergies and are continuously trying to live a normal life. They would constantly try to adjust their way of living just to amend things. Despite all their efforts, there will be challenges along the way especially if the allergy that is bugging them is the food allergy.

Food is something that everyone needs because it helps them to stay alive and full of energy. Still, there would be foods that may seem harmless but may cause an allergic reaction. Take for example what happened to the H-E-B grocery chain.

It issued a voluntary recall for its single serving tortilla soup and pablano corn chowder because of undeclared peanut allergens in seasoning provided by Southern Style Spices.

According to a news release, there have been no reported illnesses relating to this precautionary recall. H-E-B, on the other hand, has been notified of this issue by the vendor Southern Style Spices that one of the spice blend ingredient components used in the products has been tested positive for a peanut residue.

Individuals who have such allergy or severe sensitivity to peanuts run the risk of having a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction once they eat such products. H-E-B is currently asking customers at risk for peanut allergies which may have purchased one of these products have return it to their H-E-B store. Those who will be returning the aforementioned product will be given a full refund.

Doing voluntary recalls will really help in so many ways. It would allow the food company to be mindful of their products. It would likewise give the allergy sufferers more peace of mind when it comes to picking out food coming from the store or grocery.

It is best to check out the labels of each food prior to buying it to make sure that no ingredient would be triggering the food allergy. No one wants to suffer from this so it is better to take the necessary precautionary measures. If possible, avoid foods that you are uncertain of its preparation to steer clear of the allergy even more.

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