Extreme Heat and Dismal Air Quality Hit the Midwest

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Oct 8th, 2013

NewsWiseThe Loyola University Health System news room has recently reported that the scorching heat and high humidity is taking mold growth in the Midwest to an alarming rate. This results in people’s allergies getting worse.

This article was posted on News Wise:

Newswise — If the unseasonable heat that is blanketing the Midwest doesn’t affect area residents, the highest mold count for the 2013 allergy reporting season will. Gottlieb Allergy Count, the official allergy count for the Midwest, reports the mold count today is 85,000, a high for 2013, and well over the 50,000 threshold that signals a dangerous air quality warning. “The recent series of hot temperatures and high humidity has created high mold growth,” said Dr. Joseph Leija, allergist, who performs the Gottlieb Allergy Count, the only consistent allergy count for the Midwest. “Keep the air conditioning running, take your medication and try to avoid going outside.”

The official Gottlieb Allergy Count for today is: Grass – Low, Mold – Very High, Weeds – Moderate and Ragweed – Moderate. “Today’s outdoor air may cause headaches, congestion and runny noses to those with sensitive respiratory systems, “ says Dr. Leija, who has performed the Gottlieb Allergy Count for more than two decades. “It is also corn harvesting season so the grass count reflects the presence of corn grass and the Fall alerrgy season of ragweed is in full bloom.”

Dr. Leija will offer the Gottlieb Allergy Count until Tuesday, October 15 for the 2013 allergy reporting season.

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