How to be Safe from Allergies While You Travel

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Jan 11th, 2016

dallasThe Dallas Allergy website published an article on how to be safe from allergies while one travels. Since individuals who are prone to allergies tend not to travel that much, try reading the article and learn from it. Let not one’s allergy get in the way of travelling and having a good time.

This article was published on their website:

Holiday season usually means lots of travel and road trips for families. And for anyone with allergies that means taking along needed medications and also knowing what to avoid on the trip.

Traveling with Food Allergies

If you’re driving to your holiday destination, take enough safe snacks to get you there. Keep the snacks and your child’s medications in a bag or container that’s handy. Be sure to bring your own epinephrine auto-injectors with a few extras just in case and be careful not to leave it in the car where it might become overheated or freeze.

It is also a good idea to carry a phone list of your food-allergic child’s doctors and an emergency contact number of someone near home who could answer questions about your child if you become ill and are unable to speak for them. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but knowing where the location and phone number of the emergency department nearest your destination could save valuable minutes.

If you’re flying, call the airline and ask about their allergy policy before you book your ticket.

When you book your flight, make sure to tell the reservations agent about your allergies, and what specific accommodations you need. Book a flight that’s earlier in the day, because the planes get cleaned overnight. Nuts are rarely served early in the day, so you have a better chance of avoiding nut allergen on seats and in seat pockets.

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