Man Allergic to Electricity Faces Eviction for Not Heating Home

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Mar 25th, 2015

Mail Online

Gemma Mullin of MailOnline has recently reported that a man allergic to electricity is facing eviction after his landlord expressed his concern that he is ‘damaging the house’ by not using a heating system. The man reportedly suffered from severe pain when he came in contact with electrical gadgets.

This article was published on The Daily Mail:

A man who suffers from a rare condition which means he cannot use electrical gadgets like a phone, television or mains heating has been served an eviction notice.

Peter Lloyd, 42, spends his days on the sofa bed at his home in St Fagans in Cardiff after the debilitating illness leaves him in severe pain whenever he comes into contact with electronics.

But he now faces becoming homeless after his private landlord served an official eviction notice for April 1 because he is ‘damaging the house’ by not putting the heating on.

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