Peanut Allergy Patch Could be on its Way

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Feb 25th, 2015

CBS EveningDon Dahler has recently reoprted about a study on a peanut allergy patch which could help allergy sufferers in the future. The trials are only a year old but seeing a lot of promise even in its early stages.

This article was published on the CBS website:

About three million Americans are allergic to nuts, and most of them are allergic to peanuts. But relief may be on the way. A new study says the allergy patch Viaskin is showing promise.

Nine-year-old Josh Mandlebaum is fearless on the tennis court, but not so much when it comes time for the handshake.

“Whenever I walked into a tennis match, I was scared that if I shook someone else’s hand that I could have a reaction,” he said.

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