Pollen Allergies Getting Worse

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Sep 19th, 2013

Image via journalstarAuthor John Henry “Jack” Zohner has recently introduced his readers to some of the reasons why people’s pollen allergies are getting worse these days. He cited that contaminants in the air may be to blame for this phenomenon. He also cited that air must be properly filtered in order to limit, if not alleviate, pollen allergies.

This article was published on JournalStar.com:

Did you ever notice how challenges in life tend to sneak up on us? We often end up with surprising results and then again sometimes the results make perfect sense.

The well-known motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used a great example to describe how challenges in life sneak up on us. His example was putting a frog in water and then turning up the heat very slowly. The frog didn’t notice the slow temperature increases until it died.

Another example of slow change is how those extra bites of food add up. Those tasty kolaches or other baked goods are delicious, but soon our clothes fit a little tighter and our health suffers. It happens one bite at a time.

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