Teen Strives Despite Water Allergy

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Apr 8th, 2015

deseret newsWendy Leonard has recently reported about a teenager in Mapleton who, in spite of being diagnosed with a rare allergy to water, still manages to rise above her condition. Apart from having developed ways to cope with her symptoms, she also excels in school as well as in non-academic activities.

This article was published on Deseret News:

MAPLETON — A potentially relaxing dip in the family’s new hot tub turned treacherous for Alexandra Allen, leading to a very rare diagnosis that has changed her life.

“I swelled up in hives everywhere,” she said.

Doctors feared the then-12-year-old experienced a reaction to hard water, or perhaps to the potent chemicals present in the tub.

But it’s even more obscure than that, earning the teenager the ridiculous moniker of “water demon.”

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