Tips on Dealing with Winter Allergies

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Mar 13th, 2015


It is always nice to go outside and just have some fun together with some friends and family. Basking in the sun, playing outdoor games, or simply having a stroll in the park are some of the things that individuals want to do. However, when winter comes, all of these things become a distant memory. No matter how one tries to have fun, it still isn’t the same.

Winter allergy sufferers would tend to agree in unison that their pains of allergies are not over. Since people tend to stay indoors at an extended period of time, thus exposing them to more allergens and irritants. Some of these include gas fumes, dust mites, household sprays and chemicals, pet dander, as well as smoke. Having forced-air furnaces would usually circulate airborne dust which contains bacteria, fabric fiber, and lint. All of these increases risk of decreased ventilation for allergy-prone individuals.

For those who want to limit their winter allergy attacks, they can try to do the following things.

–          Keeping humidity under 40 percent

Through this, it would help the home in reducing dust mite numbers.

–          Keeping scented candles as well as potpourri to a minimum

Strong odors can be quite irritating to the allergic nose. If possible keep scented candles and potpourri away. However, if the person still wants to have them despite the allergies, then better keep it to a minimum to lessen allergy triggers.

–          Using the exhaust fan

Whenever showering or cooking, it is always best to remove the excess humidity and odors.

–          Washing one’s hands frequently

This is especially important after playing with the family pet. Doing this ensures reduced exposure to pet allergens. It is likewise important to wash one’s hands when returning from public places to decrease transmission of common winter viruses.

–          Minimizing contact with pets

Be sure to keep them out of the bedroom as well. By doing this, it would reduce the amount of allergens lingering in the room.

These are only a few of the many things one can do to avoid winter allergies from surfacing. People have to help themselves if they want to stay happy and healthy during the winter season. Despite the longer hours spent inside the home, it is still advised to follow these tips. No one wants to suffer allergies no matter what kind it may be. As they say, it is better safe than sorry.

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