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Sep 23rd, 2013

Fox NewsAccording to a news article recently published by Fox 47 News, people’s allergies are still going to get worse in the coming weeks and allergy season is expected to reach its peak in October. The report also revealed that managing allergies this season can be done through taking over-the-counter medication but people should not overdo it since there is bound to be a rebound effect.

The following Article was published on Fox47news.com:

The crisp air might be refreshing, but it’s also full of ragweed. That means allergy season has arrived for many people, and we haven’t even seen the worst of it yet.

With the leaves changing and cool breezes, many people look forward to fall weather, but not everyone can enjoy it.

“It’s still particularly frustrating when the weather outside this time of year is so gorgeous, but I know that being out in it can make me miserable,” Julie Moore said.

Moore’s allergies keep her inside this time of year and frequenting the Okemos Allergy Center. That’s where Dr. Manoj Mohan offers some relief, but not very good news.

“I don’t think we’re at the peak just yet,” Dr. Mohan said.

That means your allergies are going to get even worse in a few weeks. The recent heat delayed ragweed season, and now the allergy center and pharmacies are really starting to get busy.

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